Laser Correction:
We are affiliated with both TLC and Triad Laser centers in Tulsa. Members of our staff and their families have had the procedure and are so happy they no longer need glasses or contacts.  You may never need glasses again.

We also fit our patients with the most up to date contact lenses. Our doctors take specific measurements and do fittings that will ensure a perfect fit and continued good health for every individual patient. We fit our patients in many different types of contacts (Disposables, Gas Perms, Toric).

Our doctors do Co-management for Post-Cataract care and follow-up. They can fit you for your post cataract glasses. Did you know Medicare will pay on your post cataract glasses? You are entitled to a complete pair of eyeglasses after each surgery if medically necessary.

Our doctors work with many Ophthalmologists from Tulsa and the surrounding area. Dr. John Bryan comes to our office once a month to see our patients to make it more convenient for them.

Ours is a well-known and long established practice here in Owasso, Oklahoma. Recognized throughout the state as a leader in vision health care.